May 12

Crab Toss?

This is a poster concept (sans text) for a local bar’s summer-long crab feasts & cornhole tournaments. No one will be throwing the crabs themselves, of course, but they thought it was a humorous tie-in, and I agree.

Nov 11

Wolf the Bounty Hunter

Wolf the Bounty Hunter

I think I’ve mentioned before my love of RPG games like D&D and Risus. This is a character I recently designed; a Dwarven bounty hunter known simply as Wolf the Bounty Hunter (yes, I did that on purpose). He’s a walking Swiss Army knife: in addition to his custom-built, spring-loaded, prosthetic, chained-mace arm, he carries daggers, boleadora (a 3-ball bolas), caltrops, handcuffs, a light shield, flash bombs, and many more devices to aid in the capture of fugitives.

I sketched him out in pencil in a couple hours, then I used India Ink pens to ink the sketch for another two hours. The coloring was done in Photoshop; probably another four hours for that part, what with the shading and all that. I’m pretty happy with this piece, I have to say. And I’ve gotten a lot of positive reactions from it!

Jul 11

Capital Punishers

Skull T-shirt

I needed to design a T-shirt for my architectural firm’s corporate scavenger hunt team-building activity, so I listed some architectural terms and started adding tough-sounding words. We ended up picking Capital Punishers, “capital” being the topmost portion of a column (see the bottom part of the skull?), and “punishers” seemed to fit well, plus it gave me the idea to trace the skull in the first place. I used the actual Punisher skull logo and some column capital imagery, overlaid everything and got to sketching.

Adobe Illustrator was a big help, too: bringing in the scanned sketch, I used the Live Trace option to clean it up and tweak some things, then added the text. I even used some of the elements from the sketch to help roughen up the text appearance. I’m pretty happy with the results, and it won first place in the T-shirt contest. I would’ve liked to add some color, give it a heavy border, too. Maybe next time.

Sep 10

Magic Wand

Okay, so I work in Photoshop a lot, and I’ve been using it for over twelve years. I’m usually quite good with it, and if there’s a hiccup I can figure it out pretty quickly. But today I was baffled for a good 30 minutes or so. I had to reboot twice, thinking that would help; I went to get coffee to clear my head; it was really puzzling.

The magic wand tool, something I’ve used millions of times (not hyperbole) wouldn’t work properly.

I used it for an identical task yesterday for at least two or three hours. It was a simple click-and-fill situation, but it kept finding selection edges well beyond the borders of my neat little sections. This drove me nuts: I triple-checked every setting I could find, even in places that shouldn’t have anything to do with this tool. I looked at Channels, Paths, other tool settings. I couldn’t figure it out. And you know what it was?

The $@%# Eyedropper tool. I had changed its settings earlier to get a broader color sample, and apparently that thing directly affects how the Magic Wand finds selection areas! So annoying.

So, be careful of your various tool settings, you never know what’s going to affect something else!

Sep 10

iPhone 4… in space!

iPhone 4 wallpaper

Here’s a quick space-themed wallpaper I made for the iPhone 4. Gotta love that high resolution!

Jul 10

Right Brain Left

Here’s a logo I designed for my friend’s blog.

Right Brain Left logo