Capital Punishers

Skull T-shirt

I needed to design a T-shirt for my architectural firm’s corporate scavenger hunt team-building activity, so I listed some architectural terms and started adding tough-sounding words. We ended up picking Capital Punishers, “capital” being the topmost portion of a column (see the bottom part of the skull?), and “punishers” seemed to fit well, plus it gave me the idea to trace the skull in the first place. I used the actual Punisher skull logo and some column capital imagery, overlaid everything and got to sketching.

Adobe Illustrator was a big help, too: bringing in the scanned sketch, I used the Live Trace option to clean it up and tweak some things, then added the text. I even used some of the elements from the sketch to help roughen up the text appearance. I’m pretty happy with the results, and it won first place in the T-shirt contest. I would’ve liked to add some color, give it a heavy border, too. Maybe next time.

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