November, 2010

Nov 10

A Link to the Future


This is a style I’ve been working on that I want to apply to a few comic strip ideas I’ve had in the near future! I hope to post many more “completed” drawings like this one over the coming weeks. I recently purchased some India ink pens, which are fantastic! I need more colors, though: only got the 3 primary and 3 secondary colors. But anyway, I’m glad to be drawing by hand again, rather than with a Wacom. Much as I like them, there’s something about truly hand-drawn artwork that’s just… right.

Nov 10

Many Eyes

I swear I’ll post illustrations again soon! But, I just wanted to point out this neat website really quick.

You can enter and sort just about any data you want, visualized in a myriad of ways. This example shows the number of Titanic survivors, which can be sorted by gender, class, age, etc. Very interesting and nerdy stuff. :)