Magic Wand

Okay, so I work in Photoshop a lot, and I’ve been using it for over twelve years. I’m usually quite good with it, and if there’s a hiccup I can figure it out pretty quickly.┬áBut today I was baffled for a good 30 minutes or so. I had to reboot twice, thinking that would help; I went to get coffee to clear my head; it was really puzzling.

The magic wand tool, something I’ve used millions of times (not hyperbole) wouldn’t work properly.

I used it for an identical task yesterday for at least two or three hours. It was a simple click-and-fill situation, but it kept finding selection edges well beyond the borders of my neat little sections.┬áThis drove me nuts: I triple-checked every setting I could find, even in places that shouldn’t have anything to do with this tool. I looked at Channels, Paths, other tool settings. I couldn’t figure it out. And you know what it was?

The $@%# Eyedropper tool. I had changed its settings earlier to get a broader color sample, and apparently that thing directly affects how the Magic Wand finds selection areas! So annoying.

So, be careful of your various tool settings, you never know what’s going to affect something else!

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