Just found another character that I drew up for someone’s D&D profile. He called him Odysseus, or “Ody” for short. (No relation to Garfield’s half-witted, canine companion.) I drew this entirely in Adobe Illustrator with my Wacom tablet, my preferred method of illustration.

Although it has a different touch from true hand-drawn art, there are certain benefits to a digital vector file: I can scale it up or down to whatever size I want, and it stays as sharp as ever. I can edit the line work as I go, and Illustrator’s brush tool allows for a certain amount of auto-correction. Plus, the tablet is pressure-sensitive, so with the right tools, your lines come out with varying widths, which I think looks awesome.

One day, I will purchase Wacom’s 24″ Cintiq. It is a thing of beauty. It will be mine… oh yes, it will be mine!


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